I love anime, and Gintama is my favorite one! I also like Marvel ,mainly Thorki/ Sherlork/ Hobbit/ HTTYD/ The Big Four. This blog is basically used to post my fanart. Hope you enjoy it !

I received some headcannon and I’ll finish them as soon as possible.

Sorry to let you guys waiting._(:з」∠)_

Send me some headcanon about httyd, I’ll draw something based on that.

yetictac asked:
I love your art style :D Which software do you use ? ^^

First, thank you and I use photoshop. Second, I don’t why it only shows thank youΣ(゚д゚lll). (I edit it again, hope it work

Anonymous asked:
you know httyd 2 is coming out in august 14th in china right? so it might be a while before people in china see it :p

Yes, I got that news from my friend. The movie was supposed to be released in July. But because of domestic film protection month, it postponed. And i had finished my postcard before that policy announced. So I kind of felt bad when I knew that. I was hoping that they can receive the postcard before the movie released soon. But at that time I even heard that the movie will screen in November.


For the Dancing and the Dreaming (HTTYD2) - Erutan

Just listen to this fantastically amazing cover! *O*


letsfollowthesedays asked:
Hi! Your HTTYD2 fan art popped up on my dash and I think it's super awesome and really adorable! I was wondering if you'd be okay with me making some of them into iPhone backgrounds for my personal use only. I would absolutely not post them anywhere / share them / anything like that.

Sure, personal use is ok.( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

My postcards!(≧∇≦)they look so nice~

link: Dirty How to Train Your Dragon






A video I made a while ago combining different Jay Baruchel movies and HTTYD….there might be something wrong with me. (Obviously not G rated)

I think I love you, ya know?